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My article about reviewing on Lynette Sofras’ blog

Really short, quick and fun read about how our brains do not always work the same & that's totally okay!   I was surprised when Ms. Sofras asked me if I wanted to say something about my review process –... Continue Reading →

How we Communicate – A Podcast

I very rarely listen to things, I'd really rather read. This is worth listening to. It's well produced, and brilliant. (The full transcript is also below. I hope you listen instead, it's only 12:06 minutes of your time.) *This was... Continue Reading →

Wanderer, Day’s Story: A Guest Post with Author Mary Maddox

  Welcome to another exciting tour with Novel Publicity. Today we have a guest post with the author! In this interview, we take a closer look at Day Randall. Be prepared for weird, quirky and fun guest post from the... Continue Reading →

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