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Book Review: The Break by Katherena Vermette

While most of my summer reading composed of academic texts as a research assistant, or philosophical education books for my own thesis, I did manage to knock off a few books on my fiction list. This book has been on... Continue Reading →

What are you up to these days?

It's a question, seemingly simple, but the bane of some people's existence. Other variants include: Where are you working these days? You're still here? I thought you moved away! To the person who asked me yesterday, who I cheekily (and... Continue Reading →

Why The Hell Should I Write A Book Review? An Academic Woman’s Perspective

Source: Why The Hell Should I Write A Book Review? An Academic Woman's Perspective

Time Management, Lit Ring & the Naimeless Void

It's the end of the week again - what have I written? Little, but some. Will I get to finish this post? Hopefully, yes. Before that, though, much papering is to be done, and many words must reach the page.... Continue Reading →

Time Management, Naimeless Style

I bet that title has you wondering where the hell this post is going to go. First a confession, I'm kind of cheating today. I did write, but what I 'wrote' was all the deadlines for all 4 courses I'm... Continue Reading →

Learning, Again

What have I written today? Well...I finished a thesis critique late Sunday night before school started on Wednesday and I worked on another paper (4.5 pages) on indigenous ways of teaching/being! Look guys, It's working! But really, by writing, today... Continue Reading →

Guest Post: Writing Fears by Krystol Diggs

Today, I'm joined by Krystol Diggs of The Krystol Meth(od)! This was one of those beautiful blog made connections - not Facebook, not twitter, not Pinterest. We've read each other's blogs for years, and for whatever reason, both seem to... Continue Reading →

On being a Feminist and Marketer

I wrote this┬áblog, yesterday. It began like this: ...please read in a Princess voice ala Carrie Fisher as a tribute to all women. A quick note on that - she was a feminist and mental health advocate, and in today's... Continue Reading →

2016, You’ve been Interesting

This blog is written in a weird semi-interview-yourself style, that so many of you who read are used to. If you know me in person it's way easier to read this in my voice. If not, please read in a... Continue Reading →

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