I feel like walking naked
into the snow,
gazing up
and creating a giant pristine virgin snow angel
on the face of a snow bank
but then, I’m neither a virgin nor an angel
in any sense of either word

*What you will find here, is by no means the extent of what I do. . . but it is a start, and maybe a piece.
I leave the lack of knowledge about me as a person so that your opinions of my work are not marred by all the experiences that have made me.

Opinions here are mine, and mine alone and may or may not reflect that of any (10?) or so of my employers/contracts.

If you prefer to explore me further, here are a few links:
What I like to read: Goodreads
What I like to eat, cook and plant in the ground is mostly found here: Pinterest
Some of my journal (though quite a bit is private) : livejournal

Things I listen to: Brett Bews – my old roommate, Chopin, The Cure, The Doors, Janis Joplin, Pasty Cline, Johnny Cash

Places I frequent: NovelPublicity, Canada Arts Connect,  Questionable Content, CBC, The Tyee, BBC, and last for now – Hammeltime :D

I haven’t updated this in a while, but it occurs to me I have a few great places I frequent to add that don’t show up on the Blog Roll in the right column.

So here goes: Brandy’s Bustlings, MJ Wright, Rantings of an Amateur Chef, Blogger Book Fair, Artsy Forager, Aagaard Farms, Luna Field Farms, Global Market Brandon, Emma’s Hope BookChuck Allen, and last, but not least Cabin Goddess and Emlyn Chand. . . this list could really go on for days.


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