Photo by Amy BreenNaomi Leadbeater grew up in Southern Manitoba quite literally on the 49th parallel, and made Brandon, Manitoba her home after finishing a Music Degree in 2003. Over the years she has been a restaurant manager, a shoe salesperson, a customer service person of various sorts, editor in chief of The Quill and acquired a few more degrees. She can sell anything from good karma to shoes and likes to help people follow their dreams, and make their paths a little more A to B than hers has been.

Since childhood, books have been her closest friends, and life growing up on the farm was never dull. There might not have been lions and tigers (except in books), but there were most definitely cows, horses and kitties. Be warned, these fuzzy animals will frequent posts in the form of death-defying cuteness and ‘that’s so adorable I’m going to barf.’ images.

Oh, except for:

Angry Kitty is highly amusing.
Angry Kitty is highly amusing.

Her passions include turning photographs into music, making mountains sing and writing ‘stream of consciousness’ book reviews here at naimeless. She also loves to support local initiatives like Community Supported Agriculture, theatre, music and entertainment, one day she might even start an Indie book club in her own small city. In her spare time she creates gardens in unlikely places and writes poetry & longer works of fiction.

You can find her on Goodreads, Facebook, Twitter and Google+ as well as a few other places if you dig deep enough into the inter-webs.

The opinions and positions expressed on this
blog are my own and do not necessarily represent the views or positions of the
BNRC, or its partners.”

Philosocat says: "Writing about yourself in the third person is odd."
Philosocat says: “Writing about yourself in the third person is odd.”

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