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Time Management, Lit Ring & the Naimeless Void

It's the end of the week again - what have I written? Little, but some. Will I get to finish this post? Hopefully, yes. Before that, though, much papering is to be done, and many words must reach the page.... Continue Reading →

Time Management, Naimeless Style

I bet that title has you wondering where the hell this post is going to go. First a confession, I'm kind of cheating today. I did write, but what I 'wrote' was all the deadlines for all 4 courses I'm... Continue Reading →

Learning, Again

What have I written today? Well...I finished a thesis critique late Sunday night before school started on Wednesday and I worked on another paper (4.5 pages) on indigenous ways of teaching/being! Look guys, It's working! But really, by writing, today... Continue Reading →

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