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Guest Post: Writing Fears by Krystol Diggs

Today, I'm joined by Krystol Diggs of The Krystol Meth(od)! This was one of those beautiful blog made connections - not Facebook, not twitter, not Pinterest. We've read each other's blogs for years, and for whatever reason, both seem to... Continue Reading →

On being a Feminist and Marketer

I wrote this┬áblog, yesterday. It began like this: ...please read in a Princess voice ala Carrie Fisher as a tribute to all women. A quick note on that - she was a feminist and mental health advocate, and in today's... Continue Reading →

2016, You’ve been Interesting

This blog is written in a weird semi-interview-yourself style, that so many of you who read are used to. If you know me in person it's way easier to read this in my voice. If not, please read in a... Continue Reading →

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