It’s a question, seemingly simple, but the bane of some people’s existence.

Other variants include:

Where are you working these days?

You’re still here? I thought you moved away!

To the person who asked me yesterday, who I cheekily (and perhaps over exuberantly) replied to with “Nowhere! I quit everything!” Here’s how that thought really went in my head. . .

To the other cat person I live with, you’re not alone. I get it.

The setting was loud, echoing, and full of happily screaming children. I wanted to say, I’m back in school, I have A’s, all I do is music related. Instead, my joy at leaving the world of public administration, poorly funded, high-stress non-profit life bubbled over. The non-profit chaos, while sometimes filled with joyful screaming, is tiring, excruciatingly heart-string-tugging, and utterly soul draining for some, myself included.

For my friends still fighting the good battle in the non-profit worlds, my kudos, and heartfelt understanding of what you go through daily. For me though, the gratification that comes from herding administrative & bureaucratic cats and dogs wasn’t enough to stay. I’m still connected, and yes, I still volunteer, but my life is no longer overrun with weekend events, evening phone calls that are work not fun. How I feel has changed significantly, and while I’m still sardonic, sarcastic, and full of black humor, I am less…bitter.

I finally feel – one year post quitting full-time employment – like I can flower and grow.