Musician, writer, educator.



Her passions include turning photographs into music, making mountains sing and writing ‘stream of consciousness’ book reviews here at naimeless. She also loves to support local initiatives like Community Supported Agriculture, theatre, music and entertainment, one day she might even start an Indie book club in her own small city. In her spare time she creates gardens in unlikely places and writes poetry & longer works of fiction.

Book Review: The Break by Katherena Vermette

While most of my summer reading composed of academic texts as a research assistant, or philosophical education books for my own thesis, I did manage to knock off a few books on my fiction list. This book has been on... Continue Reading →

What are you up to these days?

It's a question, seemingly simple, but the bane of some people's existence. Other variants include: Where are you working these days? You're still here? I thought you moved away! To the person who asked me yesterday, who I cheekily (and... Continue Reading →

Why The Hell Should I Write A Book Review? An Academic Woman’s Perspective

Source: Why The Hell Should I Write A Book Review? An Academic Woman's Perspective

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