It’s the end of the week again – what have I written?

Little, but some. Will I get to finish this post? Hopefully, yes.

Before that, though, much papering is to be done, and many words must reach the page. This paper has been strife with struggles, a desire to be accountable to myself,, the community around me, and my future as an educator and academic.

Until then, check out this thing called Lit Ring – do a quiz, and grab some free books.

It’s Sunday and you want to waste time right? I sure do (but I won’t.)

What is LitRing?

For starters, it’s a great way to connect readers to authors they’ll love with a fun quiz that determines what authors on the LitRing site are a great fit for you! If you’re a reader, just click the link below and get started! The quiz is fun, a great distraction from your day to day, and has loads of authors connected to it to make sure you get results you’ll enjoy! You can also join the reader newsletter to stay updated & get notified when books go on sale & more!

Wait…what about us authors over here? How do we get involved?

For starters, LitRing runs a whole bunch of promotions to help connect you to new readers, drip campaigns to build your newsletter lists, and a Facebook group where you can pitch ideas, ask questions, and connect with other authors for group promotions and more! Sign up for the author newsletter and see what’s going on at

Apparently this image is trying to sell 'adult services' What do you think?
Apparently this image is trying to sell ‘adult services’ What do you think?


Want a great way to get your books moving in 2017? Join the amazing authors at LitRing and get a Facebook boost for only $5! A whole new audience for your amazing stories! Interest piqued? Check out today!

That’s right! You can win eReaders, books, gift certificates and more. And this is basically the most fun giveaway EVER, because to enter you take a fun quiz! Head on over to our website and give it a whirl. Good luck to all, and happy, happy new year! #freebooks #giveaway #eReaders

That’s it, that’s all folks!