What have I written today? Well…I finished a thesis critique late Sunday night before school started on Wednesday and I worked on another paper (4.5 pages) on indigenous ways of teaching/being! Look guys, It’s working! But really, by writing, today I mean reading and compiling quotes/notes from various sources. this might not be writing exactly, but it has to be done to write, right? I also wrote the acknowledgments for the thesis, which I’m sure will change, but are now down on paper?

Sometimes, I think, we come to a crossroads in our lives. I know I certainly did in September before going back to school, and I’m only now just realizing what a big deal that was.

In many regards, it was cathartic, in others, it was terrifying. I worked hard and poured my whole life into this project: Place_to_Call_Home_Roadmap. Then, gave it away to the community. That’s what was always supposed to happen, and now its in good hands at The Brandon Friendship Centre. I`ll be writing more on this, in another post about volunteering and how transitions in our lives can be like holding a handful of limp spaghetti sometimes.

Don`t squeeze too hard, it`ll get all gross and messy.
Don`t squeeze too hard, it`ll get all gross and messy.







This was a really short update, that I can’t decide where to take next or remember where it was going. Since I did manage to write this week, even with the whirlwind of school starting, I have rather than expand this, I’m just going to say go do this quiz! Check back tomorrow for another post – or possibly later today if I get more writing done.

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That’s it, that’s all folks! 

for now...
for now…